From my diary…slash that…my journal

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I have been writing in journals since my freshman year of college. I still have the first journal. At the time I called it my diary. I longed to become a writer/author since the 6th grade. I did not step into this capacity until I was in my 40s, but the diaries flourished. Over the years, the name changed to … Read More

Pray for the Hidden Faces

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Whenever I can’t write, I feel strange. Like I’m leaving something untold. The following entry has been with me for a month or more. In fact, it was sitting in a Word document until I finally moved it to my blog page. Recent national events reminded me so many people are hurting. If we ignore the source of the hurt … Read More

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The greatest battle we fight is the spiritual battle. Broken spiritual containers lead to weaken emotional, physical and mental states. The most important method for fighting a spiritual battle is through prayer. He prepares your hands for war and your fingers for battle. Get to praying right now soldier!