Who Is the Most Important Person in Your Healing Plan?

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Who is the most important person in your healing plan? If you said your family or friend, the answer is no. If you said your therapist or pastor, the answer is no. If you said yourself, then bingo. YOU are the most important person in your healing process. Simply because you are the one who has to do the work. … Read More

The Legend of Hamartia – Part 3

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Audio Version: “Ishasha,” whispered ‘Iysh. She gazed into his eyes. Hamartia saw what Ishshah saw. The eyes of ‘Iysh held fear and sorrow. She looked down at her body and screamed. “I am uncovered, ‘Iysh,” she said. Yes, she was uncovered. Hamartia knew this. She and ‘Iysh had always been uncovered. But why was being uncovered suddenly wrong or bad? … Read More

My Story: Andrea Gadson Shares Her CSA Story

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I’m 51 and only remember small details about my abuse. When I decided I wanted to be healed through Christ, I also decided to let some memories go. It wasn’t easy. Occasionally a distant image tries to fill my mind. An image of being pulled at or tugged on tries to invade my thoughts, but it’s very fuzzy, so I … Read More