The 3 Tactics of Operation: Take As Many With Us As We Can

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Satan uses a well thought out plan against the world, he has tactics of operation. Since I don’t live in other countries, I’ll focus on America. Whether you believe in his power or not, you have to admit something is happening. Slowly and methodically our country is changing and not necessarily for our benefit.

Did our enemy call a board meeting and present a step-by-step strategy? I don’t know. Yet, if we look at the condition of our country today, we may see evidence of three major tactics at work.


The first tactic focuses on our children. These next generations shape our core values. They define what’s viewed as important in terms of character. What our youth think of words like honor, truth, respect, and kindness, defines our country’s next set of core values.

Our enemy’s plan is to change their mindset so that we ridicule honor and shun truth. We abolish respect and forget kindness.

We have evidence of the shift in our core values. Just a few years ago, it would have been difficult to find children threatening teachers or browbeating each other to suicide. Yet, today this is more frequent.


The second tactic focuses on our sense of community. From day one of creation, a community has been about caring for each other’s needs. We’ve industrialized ourselves into municipalities and corporations where we are physically closer but more individualized. We communicate more by text than face-to-face. We live in large developments where we don’t know our neighbor’s name. We go to jobs where we bring out the worst of ourselves in order to survive.

Our enemy’s plan is to get us to lead self-preserved lives. As a result, it becomes easier not to care about each other. Self-preserved living doesn’t promote the good of our country’s people as a whole but the good of the individuals.

An example of this tactic can be found in recent developments in some businesses. When pockets became shallow, some companies chose to cut people rather than cut large salaries. The concern wasn’t someone else’s family, but for the preservation of certain individual’s families.


The third tactic uses the art of distraction. Satan used it in the garden to get Eve and Adam to focus on something other than the truth. Today, he uses it to drain our energy with minute topics that take our attention away from important issues.

Satan distracts us with material gain and foolish entertainment. Just look at the number of “get rich quick” books on the market or the number of stories about celebrities.

I saw a perfect example of this tactic during Obama’s term in office. One day, I turned on my television and was bombarded with concern about the first lady’s attire aboard Air Force One. I wondered what important issue was overlooked while we interviewed people in the streets about her shorts.

What does this mean?

These are just three of the tactics he employs to change our world. What’s his goal? Perhaps it is to destroy as many people as possible before he receives his own judgment. I think the strategy title is “Operation Take as Many with Us as Possible.”

But I’m not as concerned with the strategy as I am with what we should be doing. While our character, our love and concern for our country change, there is a question to think about: what should we, as Christians, be doing? While these tactics affect us physically and emotionally, the more significant damage is spiritual.