Day 10 – Praying That Many Will Turn to Christ

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I’d like to pause before I share my personal prayer for today to remind you that I’m using 31 Days of Prayer by Ruth Myers with Warren Myers to guide my prayer life through these 30 days. Take a moment to find this book. I promise you it’s a blessing


To the One, who is high and holy, I am grateful that you love me, even when I’m not loveable.

Thank you for a love that was with me even before I followed Christ. Thank you for a love that sacrificed for me.

Give me a new heart-a renewed heart-for your desire. You want everyone to come to Jesus.

Please, dear Father, bring salvation to my family. Open their heart to Jesus. Please draw them to him. Remove blinders. Remove hardness. Let them have an opportunity to hear about Jesus’ love. Help me not to miss the opportunity to tell them.

Father, use me. May I be persistent in prayer for people to believe in your Son. May my light guide people to Him. Help me to share my faith. Holy Spirit, please be in my mouth. Hand Holding World with Cross

Lord, guide people from false teaching and keep me as well as my family. Let no one who is intent on driving us away from Christ be in our presence. Give us clarity to see those who want to draw people to themselves and not to you.

O Lord, help unbeliever to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.

Faithful God. Persevering God. You want all to know and accept Christ. May your message be spread everywhere.

God the King. Jehovah. Great and wise Lord.

Where I might fall short, don’t let my loved one and those I’m praying for, miss the opportunity. Increase in them the feeling that something is missing. Help more people. Help them to see their need for forgiveness. Stop the Devil from blinding them. Help people to see they can’t do it themselves. We need you.

Help me to persevere in prayer. Please help me. I need you.

Glory to you. You are high and holy and I feel privileged to be loved by you.