Day 11 – Pray For The Holy Spirit’s Full Ministry In Me & Others

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Holy One, may your Holy Spirit give me strength and continually remind me of your love. Lord help me to be transformed into what you want me to be, and from my life, may the Spirit be present so I may produce fruit.

Hallelujah Lord. help me to take my private prayers to public action. Help me to pray steadfastly for family concerns, especially those I was made aware of today. Holy Spirit of God teach me. Teach me to react in loving ways.

My mantra from today’s prayer dearest Lord is…

Lord to teach me how to yield to your Spirit. Help me let go of me, give me the Spirit to know how. Help me dear Lord.

Bless your name Lord and may streams of living water from the Holy Spirit flow from me.

Thank you Holy Spirit for interceding on my behalf. And fulfill me with the power to witness with boldness. To preach about Jesus without fear of man.