Day 12 – Praying for the Lord to Work in My Church

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I began today’s prayer asking the Lord to work in my church.


Great and Wonderful One. It bothers me to see the representation of some of our churches today. I’m not sure we’re doing what you want us to do. Lord, speak to our hearts that we may be focused on you. Speak to us individually and collectively and remove anything that would prevent us from doing what you want us to do.

Today’s prayer includes something I must remember –to pray regularly for others because you want me to. They mean so much to you. It brings back an earlier prayer to give me a heart toward the ones you love.

Father, help this body of believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Help this body to not only hear your word but to do what it says and help us to realize that when we do what it says, we will be blessed.

Exact in this body, not only an understanding of spiritual gifts but also the opportunity to use them. Thank you, Lord, for making it so that we need each other. By your design, each of us has a gift that needs to be given back to the local body. We all form one body and we belong to each other.

May we all be eager to change our ways for the benefit of the whole.

Help this body of Zion.