Day 13 – Praying for Sunday School & Bible Study Groups

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My God …high in heaven, seated upon a throne…you are worthy…it is a privilege to come boldly to the throne. At the throne, I will find mercy and grace. Thank you for letting the flawed me come to the unflawed throne. Thank you for the Lord Jesus whose death deemed me good enough.

Let Us Pray

Today my prayer is for those who teach Sunday School and Bible Study in our church. Help them, Lord, to be filled with your Spirit. Help them Lord to be students as well as teachers of your Word. Strengthen them daily, Father, with what they will need to impart knowledge about your Word. Help them to see those students who need you and to lead those students to you.

To teach requires some part of ourselves. I ask Lord that as they give out, you would refill them for their own personal needs and the needs of their families. Pour into them, Great One, so that they can pour into others.

Help them, Father, to surrender all of themselves to you that you may teach through them. Let the places they teach be filled with Your Presence.

We are in need of You help us to grow. Bring great success in their classrooms and to their students.

Holy Father-The Lord God-Thank you for blessing us with those who want to teach us.