Day 24 – Pray for Workers for the Harvest

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God of the Harvest.

Great One.

O Mighty One.

Lord, there is no one like you.

So I come with my heart open and bare to you. May you use it to bless your kingdom.

Great Jehovah. God of the Harvest. Please send more workers. Prepare them. Make them ready. Where they are now, develop them to be strong, to be bold, to be equipped to work the harvest for you.

Some are now in formal areas of training. Some haven’t been born yet. Watch over them at every step of their development, on every step of the road to work in the harvest. Some will be teachers. Some will be preachers. Some will be ordinary people. Equip them so that they can help others grow in you.

I pray in advance for their struggles especially of those of self-doubt. Encourage the workers, Lord. Remind them of how much they are needed to fulfill the purposes of your kingdom. Keep them focused on your Word. May they find ways to meditate on your Word, both day and night.

Touch their hearts. Touch their minds. Touch their bodies. For I know, one has only to be touched by you for great change in their life.

Make them ready.

God of the Harvest, please increase the workers. Bring more people to labor for you.

And Dear Lord, bless those who are waiting for the workers. Prepare their hearts to receive. Some are so hungry and thirsty. I pray you would keep them until their help arrives.