Day 26 – Praying for God’s Blessings on Our Missionaries

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At Day 26, You alone are Lord and You alone have called some to be missionaries. In answering that call, some have chosen total dependence on You.

They trust You for daily living, for health, for success in ministry, for security, for finances, and for their children. The trust You for so much. I ask You to provide.

As they’ve answered the call, please equip them with what they need to carry out the specific assignment You’ve given them. Give them strength-fresh strength-new strength. Help them to go from strength to strength. Give them strength to stand up against the devil’s schemes.

Help them, O Lord. Bless them, O Lord.

Work through the relationships they have with team members, with their families and with those they are ministering to. Great Jehovah, let forgiveness and love live in their hearts.

Give them the steady joy to overcome heartbreak.

Let them find renewal in Your Word and remove everything that prevents them from daily time with You. I ask that distractions be kept away from them. May they always choose what’s best.

Adonai.  Ancient of Days. The Lord Who Sees Me. When You hear Your Word prayed back to You on their behalf, please don’t hesitate to move into action for them.

May You be the missionary’s everlasting portion.

Please, oh please, be gracious toward Your missionaries and bless them. Please make Your face shine on them that people may see You in Your missionaries.

I pray when they come home on furlough that their desire to serve You is not distracted.

Give them strength to fight in the dark places where people have never heard of Jesus.

Help them to clearly share the message of the Gospel. Remove all things that would hinder the message even the language barriers.

Holy Spirit, make them prayer warriors, being vigilant in prayer and never skipping a beat.

You alone are God and I thank You for moving on behalf of our missionaries.

In the name of Christ, I ask these things. Amen.