Day 27 – Pray for All Who Are Suffering

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When I hurt, you hurt. In the middle of my pain, I need you. Suffering is full of anguish, depression, pain, and despair. But You, O Lord, are greater than my pain, anguish, depression, and despair.

You are God.

There are many who are suffering through torture, persecution, and imprisonment because they chose to follow you. And there are many who are suffering from a life circumstance or a loss. Help them, Dear Shepherd. Help them to experience your joy in the midst of the suffering. May their suffering be an opportunity for you to act and send a message to others.

Compassionate One. May the comfort you’ve given me in tough times be poured into others. Thank you for comforting me so that I might bring comfort to another person.

Help us to remember when we are experiencing suffering it is the best time to pour into others. Thank you, Lord, for responding “Here I am” when we call.

Thank you for feeling the pain of all who suffer and for carrying us through.

For those who refuse your comfort, I pray for the removal of the shields that block their heart. May we all come to know that when we hurt, you hurt.

Help those, who are suffering, to deeply experience your love for them.

Release them from pain, despair, depression, and hopelessness. May your great joy revive us all.

Merciful. Compassionate. Empathetic. My God.