Day 28 – Pray for Our Leaders

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When I consider how awesome you are. You speak and it happens. You are the one who placed a sun in the sky to govern the days and a moon there to govern the nights. As the youth would say, you are all that.

Most High God of All the Earth, I am an ant…no…a piece of dust, in comparison to you.

You are eternal.

Your kingdom is everlasting.

Praise Your Name.

You live forever.

You do as you please.

With our little minds, we think we are infinite. We don’t know what infinite is.  While we go around thinking, we’re all that, Isaiah 40 reminds us that the nations are like a drop in the bucket. You bring rulers down. (Isaiah 40:15)

That is why I’m so stunned that you take the time to pay attention to our prayers. Because you are you, you don’t have to…and yet…you do.

Glorious One.

I am blessed that you hear our prayers; that you listen to our cries day and night.

You hear your chosen ones, and you will not ignore us.

So today, I first thank you for our leaders. May they give themselves to you so they may walk and act in wisdom. Leading is tough. Touch the leadership around the world. Help them to make wise decisions and actions to advance your kingdom.

I ask this for our presidents, our kings, our prime ministers and any facet of leadership in government at all levels.

I pray for current issues in my country and around the world. Help our leaders to do what’s right and not what’s selfish.

In our leading, especially in America, please don’t let us ruin ourselves.

Please, Dear Father, I pray that our leaderships’ heart would be in your hand for you to direct as you please (Proverbs 21:1)

May your word not return to you void.

Please foil the plans of the nations and thwart the purposes of the people. May your plans stand firm forever, and the purposes of your heart through all generations (Psalm 33:10)

Guide me, Lord, in the current issues of today, so that I may pray where you want me to.

Remove the greedy, the selfish, and the wicked from our leadership, and make it so those who are truly in line with you are leading us. Help these people to mold and not be molded. Bless their reach so that when they touch others it magnifies for you.

Dear God, the Ultimate and Only Leader. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Thank you for what you do with our leaders.