Day 29 – Pray for World Events and Peace

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Glory to Your Name, Lord.

One day all nations will bow to you. You are above all the nations. One day the world will worship you. They will call you holy. They will be at peace.

I’m sorry we keep doing things our own way. It’s this attitude that produces atrocities, wars, senselessness, killings, persecutions, and so much hurt all over the world.

So Dear One, at this moment, guide me on how and what to pray for in current world events.

Hear the cries of your people. Hear the cries of your creation and bring us peace.

We don’t know what we are doing. We are children who need the guidance of their Father.

Help the world to see how much it needs you. May you use the events around the world to reveal yourself to people.

You are the God of Justice. Although we see some crazy things, I believe you will work things to your purpose, your honor, and your glory. Help us to see we can do nothing without you, the Alpha and Omega.

Father, when you act, no one can reverse it. May people recognize your awesome power and change their ways.

Lord, bring us peace. I ask that as nations come together, they would be other-minded. I pray for them to begin thinking of each other and not only themselves. In countries experiencing civil unrest, please bring peace and remove the enemy’s influence.

Lord, for your children who live in this world, help us to remember you are our light and our salvation and we have nothing to fear.

In the Name of Jesus, the Saving King.