Day 30 – Pray Against Satan

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God the Victor. Satan is under Your foot.

I thank You for helping me and giving me the opportunity to assist You through prayer. Through prayer, I can pray against Satan’s wickedness. Thank you, Lord, for Jesus, who demonstrated power over Satan. He demonstrated how if we would resist Satan he would flee.

Mighty God.

Thank you for Jesus’ power over death. He demonstrated this when He rose from the grave. Hallelujah. And then He demonstrated  His Majesty, His Rulership, His Kingship when He sat in Your throne room on Your right side. He intercedes for us. I just get so full when I envision Him saying to You, “Not yet… Give them time…Let’s do this for that one.” I am so thankful that Jesus has all power in heaven and in the earth because He is in You and You and He are one. He has power over Your enemies.

Thank You for my position of power by the Holy Spirit who lives in me. Help me to walk in power. Do this for me and others. Help us to walk like we know who we are children of God. Help us to remember that greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)

Help me to wear Your full armor because my battle is not physical but spiritual. (Ephesians 6:10-12) And You have given me victory. Thank you for allowing me to be on Your team. I am blessed to be among victors and to know others are with me as we combine in prayer for Your will and purposes to be done and as we pray against the evils of this world.

Praise be unto You. We are winners.

In the name of Jesus (because there is power in His name), I pray.