Day 8 – Pray for God’s Love

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Life Giver – as I enter today’s prayer, please help me to see, help me to hear. Remove the scales from my eyes, the plugs from my ears. Clean my dirty heart.

I surrender to you.

Lord of Love. Lover of My Soul. Your love is perfect and never fails. It makes my bent heart tender to know the love you have for everyone, even the ones who hate you.

All we have to do is embrace Your love.

Chisel in me, plant in me, a growing love for all people. Help me to see people, especially believers. Help me to see them as you do.

I need, need to be patient. I need to be merciful. I need to be compassionate. I need to be forgiving.

I confess in my testing I haven’t been very forgiving and this is probably why it hasn’t gone well. I need to judge not.

Heavenly One. You are God. Show me in your wisdom and powers. Show me the hindrances in my heart that prevent me from praying with Your love. And break these in me. I repent of what you’ve shown me and I beg for our forgiveness.

I know what must be done to restore broken and wounded relationship. Help me, give me the strength, to carry it out.

These words are also my mantra:

“May the Spirit flood my heart with your love washing away my loving attitudes.”

I want Your love to course through me better than my own blood. I need Your love to flow from me. I am weak without Your Love.