Day 9 – Pray for Self-Love

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Dear King…give us an individual heart for your kingdom and knit it into a collective heart for your kingdom.

To You, who knew me before I was, who shaped me before I came to be and who understood what I would become before I became. You made me. Psalm 139:13-16

I used to dislike the me You made, but I praise You because you’ve created me, fearfully and wonderfully. Who am I to judge what You created.

You created all things-created by You for You, Colossians 1:-16-17. Father, forgive us, for some of us are lost creations.

Father, You are my strength. I put myself here in Psalm 59:1 and say, “God is my strength, my defense, my mercy.”

Help me through my weaknesses. I know You can and I believe You can because You are You.