Diagnosis: Spiritual Depletion

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How does a medical professional get to a diagnosis?

A diagnosis is “an identification of the nature of an illness by an examination of the symptoms.” After the professional observes and run tests, confers with medical journals, and calls on their experience, they determine a diagnosis. The diagnosis tells them what illness the person has.

I’m no doctor, and for that matter, no religious leader or teacher, but it doesn’t take years of education to look at our world and ask, “What’s going on?” Why does the degree of how much we care about others lessen as our world ages? Why does our definition of good versus bad look more like bad as time passes by?

Spiritual Component????

Until we start talking in terms of people’s spiritual condition, we can’t make a correct diagnosis.

From birth until death, people are whole beings consisting of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components. These components are tightly intertwined. When one is broken, it affects the other. But one of these components effects all three when broken. Which one do you think that is?

A broken spiritual component can result in mental, emotion and physical outcomes.

What made them do that?

I remember watching one of those reality crime episodes, which stuck with me because the crime was a mother against her infant child. These stories resonant deeply for me because I wonder how anyone can look at an innocent child and continue through with a goal to hurt them.

In this story, the mother suffered with a mental condition which drove her to use a kitchen knife and remove her baby’s arms. This was while the child was awake. I pray when I think of this story. I need to believe my Loving God saw this infant and removed her quickly from this painful experience.

But it also makes me wonder what could make a mother do this to her own child. The story points to her mental illness as the source. However, I wonder if the mental illness had a connection to a broken spiritual component?

Christ and spiritual components

When Christ walked this earth a large element of his work was dealing with evil spirits. These spirits messed with people’s spiritual component, causing them to hurt themselves or others. Some folks had become so susceptible to these spirits that their mental, emotional and physical components were broken.

Christ’s work focused or removing these spirits from folks. He knew a broken spirit could cause damage to all components of the person’s whole being.

While I’m not pointing to an infection of evil spirits in the world, I am saying our spiritual components are being more impacted than we know.

Spiritual depletion

When I hear of stories as bad as a mother cutting off her child’s arms to a young person telling another child’s parents “I’m going to beat the s— out of your kid.”, it drives me to the question of what’s going on. And it makes me deliver my own diagnosis.

My diagnosis: we are in state of spiritual depletion.

We are seeing less of a spirit which knows right from wrong and more of a spirit which embraces wrong and calls it right. We’re seeing more of a spirit which says it will define right versus wrong for itself.

And like all medical professionals, the next step is to ask what can we do about it.