That Didn’t Make It Better

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“Look. I hurt it.” It was a small dark spot, barely visible, on the lower right side of the palm of her right hand.

“How did you do that?”

“I fell down.”

“Does it hurt?”


“Let me kiss it and make it better.”

Smack. Smack. The sound of me kissing my finger and then putting the finger on her hand. Come on, she’s 3-years-old and I had already observed multiple sanitary code violations being done with that hand.

But her response was memorable.

She looked at me with those laughing eyes and said, “That didn’t make it better.” Then she ran away.


That didn’t make it better.

Sometimes we do the one action which we believe will magically heal us of our abuse. I’ve been talking about healing for a couple of months as part of SurrenderedPen and it occurred to me people may think healing is a one step and done activity.

It’s not.

Healing may take years. It may involve multiple steps. You may go forward one step and then take two steps back. The key to healing is to understand it’s a progressive process. You can count on moving forward. Some move slowly; some move quickly.

I learned this from my own healing, which as I look back on it included 11 components.

There’s no order to how it happened but each component represents a theme I dealt with along the way. I continue to deal with some of these themes today.

Each takes its own amount of time. Just like one kiss wasn’t enough to take the pain of a child’s booboo away, doing one of them isn’t going to take away the pain of childhood abuse.

This was an investment in myself.

I explore each of these in my new book titled Let the Healing Begin. It’s a companion to the novel Released: In Search of a King.

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll take a brief look at each of these components.

Looking forward to exploring them with you.



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