From my diary…slash that…my journal

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I have been writing in journals since my freshman year of college. I still have the first journal. At the time I called it my diary.

I longed to become a writer/author since the 6th grade. I did not step into this capacity until I was in my 40s, but the diaries flourished. Over the years, the name changed to journal as I joined the fad of “journaling”. I didn’t know I was already journaling.

Before I created SurrenderedPen publishing, I had already surrendered my pen, but did not know it.
Around the time I stepped into writing seriously, I increased the intensity of my prayer life. I prayed for God to speak to me. I asked the Lord to use me. I did not understand…God had been speaking to me since my first diary.

Funny thing, he talks to my through my pen, I get it in the moment, then I never refer back to what I wrote. There is a reason I operate like this. I can share why at another time. But for now, I’m telling you this background to set the stage for what I’m about to share from one of my diaries…slash that…from my journal.

Tiny  and small. Low in volume. Surrounded by a bunch of thoughts, I heard
“Prepare the people”
But for what?
I think I know.

At some point, the Lord will grow tired of us. The compassion will become anger. Jehovah Nakah (The Lord Who Smites) will grow weary of our ugliness of heart. Before then we need to change our ways.
Some think an ugly heart is one which plans wicked things like murder or stealing.
But an ugly heart is one which cares only about itself. It thinks because it does a few good deeds it has credit for goodness, but otherwise, it cares mostly about itself — its career, its home, its car, its money. These are the priorities of an ugly heart.
Forgive me, Dear Lord. At times my heart is ugly.


We are headed for a trouble we have never seen before. Economic challenge is only part of it. I sense we will see civil war and unrest fought on these soils such as in the days of the feuds of the North and South.

People may think I’m off. Frankly I don’t care. We turned our backs on God a long time ago. It was a slippery sliding away until we were immersed in the other direction.

Our lust for greed and power took priorty over our love for God.

We don’t want to wait until it’s too late to return. We don’t want to be like the Israelites, who asked if God would hear a threat from an enemy and save them. It was too late. Punishment was already in motion.
It’s already in motion for us now.
If we cannot turn to him as a nation, we can turn to him as individuals.

Give your life to Him.

Jeremiah 21:1-10

The judgment of America, doesn’t mean the righteous will be spared. God will be with the righteous in the midst of judgment . Jer 25


We showed God what we really think of him. This country as a whole said  we don’t need you. We said it with our election choices. Those choices systematically cowered or succumbed to fear, money or popularity. They agreed to the slow removal of our belief in God and our belief in Jesus.
And now while we strut around in the year of 2016, we think we can’t have famine, wars or pestilence on this soil . We pity nations where innocent people have to flee their homes because of civil unrest.
We think we are too great a nation for that to happen. We have too much wealth and too much infrastructure and too many powerful leaders to allow this to happen.
If we don’t turn from ourselves and turn to God, we will feel what we thought could never happen.
If we don’t acknowledge the free gift of Jesus, other nations will pity us.

The judgment is on us, America.

No amount of marching, demonstrating, fussing or arguing will change that.

Will we be like Nineveh?

Will we change our ways?

Will we submit and service to only Him―Jehovah―Yahweh?

Will we believe in His Son?