God is Not Your Father

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It’s strange to say God is not your father when one of his names is Father. The correct statement is God is not like your father. He is so much more.

Ugly Reminders

For some people, the word “father” triggers reminders of their biological father. Pleasant images dance in the mind if their father was great. But if their father was awful at his job, those images are ugly reminders. The degree to which your father failed at his job is the degree to which you cringe each time you hear the word “father”. The connection impacts your ability to see God as your father.

Three ways to see God as your father

I hope you got what I said earlier. God is not like your father. He’s so much more. He’s one billion times more than your father. If your father was a good father, God is that amplified. If your father was an awful father, God is better than that amplified.

I wondered how I could show you God as your father. The number of ways in which he is plentiful. Before my salvation, I envisioned God as someone with authority over me. A relationship did not exist. I viewed God as someone who gave orders to be followed. This was from my playbook based on my relationship with my biological father. Those, whose father images included abuse of any kind, may see God as someone with the capability to reproduce the abusive behaviour.

I had to see God differently. To see him differently I had to connect with him differently. The connection came in three ways:

  1. He was intimate with me through prayer

My definition of intimacy and his definition are different. When I got hold of his definition, I found intimacy was a spirit to spirit connection. God knew me and met me in prayer to show me he knew me. He used prayer as a way for us to build an (anti-dysfunctional) close relationship.

  1. He changed my thinking

Stinking-thinking overloaded my mind. I felt imperfect and believed imperfectly. He changed my mind by filling it with scripture. My thinking, especially those self-view ones, changed to thoughts about how he saw me and the ability to differentiate between lie and truth.

  1. He supported me

I could not heal on my own. I needed help. He was there to support me physically, emotionally, and mentally through the process.

He’s so much more

All the qualities my father lacked, God as my father, possessed. I needed to see him through a different lens. The three ways above opened other ways to see God. I also saw him as Protector and Comforter when I was depressed.

What qualities does God hold for you as father?