Having Purpose After Child Sexual Abuse

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I’m a believer in purpose. I believe each of us was created to do something in the world. I like to think of it as our assignment.

“Purpose, the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”


Assignments don’t have to be big. They can be small and, in the eyes of the world, not Entertainment Tonight newsworthy. Truly, what another person thinks of your assignment does not have value.

Your assignment is unique to you. You can be assigned to lead pursuits which change a nation. You can be assigned to be someone’s mother so they grow up well adjusted.

I believe we have a path in our lives which is laid out at birth. This path is what we are called to do, part of our purpose. But I also accept that sometimes our paths get derailed. How?

How Do Our Paths Derail?

Childhood trauma, such as child sexual abuse (CSA), is a significant derailing experience. Victims of CSA go through a litany of effects including:

  • Guilt or shame
  • Intimacy or relationship challenges
  • Faulty self-image

Long-term impacts can include depression, anxiety disorders, or self-destructive behaviors, such as drug or alcohol abuse.

In some cases, these resulting effects lead victims to take their lives. This is the farthest anyone can possibly be from their purpose.

Healing Is Key.

Healing is the key to ending derailment. I believe healing gets you back on track. What you may accomplish through healing may not be the exact purpose, but it will be something which helps you achieve the result of your purpose. For helpful healing resources head over to my resources page.

“Healing is the key to ending derailment.”


As a survivor, you must remember this: CSA does NOT define who you are. You are not bad because of what happened. You are not less because of what happened. What happened does not make you incapable.

This experience is a part of you and with it, what you are is a survivor. Through healing, you can choose if and how it will be a part of your purpose. In each case, I hope it makes you stronger for yourself and for others.

Choose to heal today and get yourself back on track towards your purpose.