I’m sorry – The Christian Apology

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I'm sorry - multiple languages

I have seen how we Christians sometimes hurt people.

Sometimes, we do more harm than good.

Our actions, blinded by right, made us hurt people. Our pride, blinded by self-preservation, made us refuse to apologize.

With a heart of love surrounded by stone, we created a generation of people, who cringe at the name of Jesus. They don’t think about the sacrifice he made. They think about the actions done to them in his name.

They think about the lies we told and attached to his name.

It’s time to apologize.

To the Lord God, My Friend: I’m so sorry our actions cause people to cringe when they hear your name.

To the people of the world: I’m so sorry our actions cause you to cringe at the name of God. The name of Jesus insults you because of some of our behavior. We used the name of Jesus to judge you instead of love you.

For all of this, I am so sorry.

We called you heathen instead of a child of the Creator. We did not see you as blinded by a liar and in need of the Savior’s love.

We saw you as a sinner only. We didn’t see you as a sinner, just like we were, and in need of transformation, just like we were.

I hope and pray you can forgive our actions. In doing so, you open the door to hear how the Amazing Lord God, thinking about you, used the Wonderful Savior, Jesus, as a gift to bring you abundant life.

Some of us used the name of Jesus to misguide and use you. For this, I apologize.

Please don’t let our mistakes, our sins, pull you away from the Almighty God. He loves you and wants you and sent Jesus to die, rise and ascend for you.

I hope you can accept this apology and embrace his love today.