Imagine This

Caitlin ReynoldsBlog1 Comment

For some, all this talk about sexual abuse may be exhausting. It makes you uncomfortable. It’s not an easy discussion nor is it a happy topic. Likewise, some folks can’t wait until it’s over.

Before anyone gets too tired or starts to cover their ears, I’d like to remind you of a powerful movie scene.

The movie is “A Time to Kill.” Towards the end of the movie, Jake Brigance, the defense attorney, asks the jury to close their eyes. Vividly and methodically, Jake describes the rape and assault of 10-year-old, Tonya Hailey. At the end of the story, Jake has the jury close their eyes and says, “imagine Tonya is white.”

Tonya was black. Her rapists /attempted killers were white men. The jury was all white. At that moment, the eyes of one of the toughest juror’s, who only cared about Tonya’s African American father killing his daughter’s attackers, flew open. From that instant, you knew that the juror cared about the little girl and nothing else.


The next time you listen to or read about a victim in the growing stories about child sexual abuse, I want you to consider this line–imagine that it’s your child.

Or imagine it was your niece, your nephew, your god-child, your family member’s child, your friend’s child, etc.

Imagine a child you care about being forced to perform sexual acts. Hard to imagine, but it happens.

Victims have been quiet for too long. This topic has been taboo for too long.

Wonderful things result as we raise awareness:

  • Get people the help they need
  • Stop childhood sexual abuse

So I leave you with this, please don’t grow weary of this topic instead, do whatever you can to support. If all you can do is pray, please pray!! It’s the most important step you can do.