Is Trump right?

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Is Trump Right GraphicA Washington post opinion article, “Trump is right about violent crime: It’s on the rise in major cities”, suggests he is correct. But the article also supports President Obama and others who say it’s actually lower than previous years.

How can they both be correct?

It depends on which category of crime one highlights. When looking at murder, then yes. It is on the rise. If looking at where, then yes, it is on the rise in the cities.

The last paragraph in the article states”

So violent crime, in most major cities at least, is on the rise.

But why? To borrow a line from the band Buffalo Springfield, “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” Pundits and criminologists can argue about theories — but neither side is entitled to its own facts on crime.”

Weak Containers

The article asks “but why?”  I’m not a criminologist but I have a belief about the reason we’re seeing a rise in murders in our cities. It’s about our spiritual containers.

I believe a strong connection exist between our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. When it’s gets screwed up, there is a problem.

The spiritual container is like glue to the emotional, physical and mental. It holds them together. When we compromise the spiritual, we endanger the emotional, physical and mental components of our being.

What to do?

Spiritual Container

As a Christian, I know our country weakened its glue by pushing God out and choosing as many methods as possible to attempt to silence Christ.

But I also believe strongly in the power of prayer.

Please  pray for the spiritual condition of our nation, especially its leaders, who we follow.



Pray for:

  • Future and current leaders
  • Defeat of all and any effort to push Christ out of this country
  • Growth of love and consideration for others
  • Removable of anger, hurt and all sources which cause people to kill others