My Faith. My Writing. My Teaching

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What have I learned in the first 3 months of 2018?

One obvious lesson has been plaguing me for the past few days. In my zeal to help people, I may also be confusing folks surrounding what we do at SurrenderedPen. This is not my desire.

I sought professional advice about how to handle this, but I still kept thinking about the time spent asking God to tell me my purpose in life. I believed He led me to understand my writing, my love of teaching and my faith all as part of my purpose. Together I would use these tools to change lives.

My faith. My writing. My teaching.

Out of these three came SurrenderedPen and here’s where confusion set in. SurrenderedPen is an avenue to bring the sexually abused to a starting point for healing.

It is this, but more.

Others have seen me write about spiritual encouragement using tools like the SP Seedplanter and blog topics like 30 Days is Prayer, which will kick up again in June. This is also a part of SurrenderedPen.

I’ve done spiritual growth and educational topics like the upcoming book, Trust Me: You Need the Basics, which tells us how to uncomplicate living for Christ, as well as the 3-part short story series, The Legend is Hamartia.

All of this is part of the SurrenderedPen message, but it is more.

Finally, what I like to call Christian entertainment, has been my dream—to turn fiction stories like the Jubaly, which I’m working on and A Good Man (future books) into films. I want to join the world of movies where 4 letter words, gratuitous sex and violence aren’t the story plot, and people can have their minds filled with the joy of God and not the horror of something else. The short story Empathy was a step in this direction.

This is the SurrenderedPen dream.

All of this is SurrenderedPen.

My faith. My writing. My teaching. Together with the desire to help folks.

I pray I removed confusion, but if not please ask your questions. My desire is to help.