When Moms Are Broken

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After reading Keisha B’s story in the Marie Claire’s article “How One Woman’s Sexual Abuse Resulted in Years Behind Bars“, I was left with several questions, but two resonated most with me: Why would this mother let her daughter’s molester back into the home? Why would she continue to let the molester have access to her daughter after discovering the … Read More

The Impact of Sexual Abuse on Church Families

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[TRIGGER WARNING: This blog includes a reference to a sexual abuse story and it may bring back memories for survivors. If at any moment you feel uneasy, remember your care is important. Stop reading and immediately connect with someone who can pray with and for you. If you have not sought professional help regarding your own abuse, please do so. … Read More

ACE Prevention? Can we do it?

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Can we stop ACEs from occurring? Interesting question. But to answer it we need to first understand what an ACE is. ACE, in the context of assault survivors, has nothing to do with the bandage or a tennis term. It is not an acronym for a transcending belief such as All Change is Exciting. In the conversation about childhood assault … Read More