ACE Prevention? Can we do it?

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Can we stop ACEs from occurring? Interesting question. But to answer it we need to first understand what an ACE is. ACE, in the context of assault survivors, has nothing to do with the bandage or a tennis term. It is not an acronym for a transcending belief such as All Change is Exciting. In the conversation about childhood assault … Read More

The 3 Tactics of Operation: Take As Many With Us As We Can

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Satan uses a well thought out plan against the world, he has tactics of operation. Since I don’t live in other countries, I’ll focus on America. Whether you believe in his power or not, you have to admit something is happening. Slowly and methodically our country is changing and not necessarily for our benefit. Did our enemy call a board … Read More

My Faith. My Writing. My Teaching

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What have I learned in the first 3 months of 2018? One obvious lesson has been plaguing me for the past few days. In my zeal to help people, I may also be confusing folks surrounding what we do at SurrenderedPen. This is not my desire. I sought professional advice about how to handle this, but I still kept thinking about … Read More