Is Trump right?

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A Washington post opinion article, “Trump is right about violent crime: It’s on the rise in major cities”, suggests he is correct. But the article also supports President Obama and others who say it’s actually lower than previous years. How can they both be correct? It depends on which category of crime one highlights. When looking at murder, then yes. … Read More

Is Your Exercise Program Working Out?

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35 jumping jacks. 50 squats. 60 crunches. 20 minutes of jogging. And guess what…I still feel like crap. Is your exercise program working or what? Trash cans in luxury cars Whenever I get a mani/pedi at the nail salon, I look at People magazine to remind myself of something important: some of the most beautiful people are full of brokenness. … Read More

The New You in the New Year

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Often a new you requires looking over the old you. The new you should not be the old you dressed up. In 2016 one way to get a new you is to see if you need inner healing. Inner healing is an important part of remaking oneself, but we often overlook  it. We think if change our physical appearance, or change … Read More