The New You in the New Year

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Often a new you requires looking over the old you. The new you should not be the old you dressed up. In 2016 one way to get a new you is to see if you need inner healing. Inner healing is an important part of remaking oneself, but we often overlook  it. We think if change our physical appearance, or change … Read More

Am I Broken?

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I believe the answer depends on how I define “broken”, which may be a little hard in our current society. Today, sometimes we accept broken as normal. But I’ll give it a try. Personally, I believe self-reflection reveals whether we are broken. So, I’ll begin with asking myself three soul searching questions:     1) Do I like myself? Can … Read More

They’re rich…they’re famous…not them

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What image comes to mind when you hear someone describe another person as “broken”? For some images of homeless people living on the streets may prevail. For others, images of people decimated by drug or some other addition. And even yet, another group may picture folks incapacitated by depression or another form of mental illness. Broken, or hurt, people come from all backgrounds. Brokenness … Read More