Diagnosis: Spiritual Depletion

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How does a medical professional get to a diagnosis? A diagnosis is “an identification of the nature of an illness by an examination of the symptoms.” After the professional observes and run tests, confers with medical journals, and calls on their experience, they determine a diagnosis. The diagnosis tells them what illness the person has. I’m no doctor, and for that … Read More

I’m sorry – The Christian Apology

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I'm sorry - multiple languages

I have seen how we Christians sometimes hurt people. Sometimes, we do more harm than good. Our actions, blinded by right, made us hurt people. Our pride, blinded by self-preservation, made us refuse to apologize. With a heart of love surrounded by stone, we created a generation of people, who cringe at the name of Jesus. They don’t think about … Read More

From my diary…slash that…my journal

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I have been writing in journals since my freshman year of college. I still have the first journal. At the time I called it my diary. I longed to become a writer/author since the 6th grade. I did not step into this capacity until I was in my 40s, but the diaries flourished. Over the years, the name changed to … Read More