Pray for the Hidden Faces

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Whenever I can’t write, I feel strange. Like I’m leaving something untold. The following entry has been with me for a month or more. In fact, it was sitting in a Word document until I finally moved it to my blog page. Recent national events reminded me so many people are hurting. If we ignore the source of the hurt … Read More

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The greatest battle we fight is the spiritual battle. Broken spiritual containers lead to weaken emotional, physical and mental states. The most important method for fighting a spiritual battle is through prayer. He prepares your hands for war and your fingers for battle. Get to praying right now soldier!

Is Trump right?

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A Washington post opinion article, “Trump is right about violent crime: It’s on the rise in major cities”, suggests he is correct. But the article also supports President Obama and others who say it’s actually lower than previous years. How can they both be correct? It depends on which category of crime one highlights. When looking at murder, then yes. … Read More