Pray for the Hidden Faces

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Whenever I can’t write, I feel strange. Like I’m leaving something untold. The following entry has been with me for a month or more. In fact, it was sitting in a Word document until I finally moved it to my blog page. Recent national events reminded me so many people are hurting. If we ignore the source of the hurt as children, we end up with adults intent on hurting others. Please share this entry because we can no longer ignore the hidden faces.

On a Tuesday, one of my besties called. Her voice quivered as she asked if I heard about the 9-month old baby.

No, I had not.

Tears threatened to pour as she shared. This child had been sexually assaulted and consequently died from her injuries. I felt my friend’s sorrow. She was mourning for a child she did not know.  A child, who’s face was hidden to her at the time. Her mind, most likely, filled with thoughts about her own baby.

The story – horrific. The news coverage – limited.  At the time, our country was caught up in the sensationalism of Mr. Trump’s words about how he treats women. We were riveted to our televisions during the debate between the presidential candidates. And the baby girl who died because a grown man raped her crossed our minds briefly, if at all.

It’s something I’ll never quite understand. The pain of others seems easier to handle the more we distance ourselves from it. We let news and entertainment media define what we should care about. As long as the face remains hidden, we can handle the pain.

But a hidden face doesn’t indicate a hidden event. It’s not like it didn’t happen at all.

The truth is just because the faces seem distant and nearly hidden to us, does not mean they weren’t assaulted. It doesn’t mean it did not hurt them.

The hidden face of the 9-month old child was a baby whose name was Emily. She lived in West Virginia. Her family loved her very much.

Her attacker will get justice but this little one is who I really care about at the moment.

There are children all over the world who experience sexual molestation. We can’t turn our eyes away because it’s easier. We can’t turn our brains off.

A mind which looks at a child and finds comfort in touching them sexually is a depraved mind.

What can you do about the hidden faces?

So for a brief moment, while you read this, pray:

Pray for every child in our world who is sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally abused at this very moment.

Pray for the abuse to end.

Pray that to touch or even think of touching a child would bring a violent unrest in the soul of the abuser.

Pray for a renewed and right spirit in the abuser.

Pray for miraculous healing on the body, mind and emotions of the abused child.

Pray our children experience the closeness of God in such an inexplicable way to overcome all the evil directed towards them.


If you have not heard about this story, a link is below. But you can pray without reading about her story. Just pray for all the children like Emily in our world.

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.