The Legend of Hamartia – Part 3

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Audio Version:

“Ishasha,” whispered ‘Iysh.

She gazed into his eyes. Hamartia saw what Ishshah saw. The eyes of ‘Iysh held fear and sorrow. She looked down at her body and screamed.

“I am uncovered, ‘Iysh,” she said.

Yes, she was uncovered. Hamartia knew this. She and ‘Iysh had always been uncovered. But why was being uncovered suddenly wrong or bad? Ishshah and ‘Iysh darted behind nearby trees as if trying to hide their uncovered bodies.

Hamartia felt a sense crawl up its back. Something terrible happened after Ishshah and ‘Iysh bit into the fruit of the Ats Da’ath Towb Ra. Something very terrible.

Hamartia heard furious rustling as the two pulled leaves from the trees they hid behind. He heard scuffling and an occasional sob slip from their mouths. Soon they emerged. They had connected the leaves together and used them as aprons to cover their bodies. They looked silly, but Hamartia was too confused to laugh.

The voice of Yehovah Eloyhim filled the air.

“Ishshah? ‘Iysh?” he called.

They did not move. For several moments, Yehovah Eloyhim called to them, while they stood gazing at their aprons of leaves and letting tears roll down their cheeks.

Time ticked away in silence. Then Yehovah Eloyhim was next to the Ats Da’ath Towb Ra. He looked at the tree and pain twitched on his face. Then he looked at ‘Iysh and Ishshah.

“Why did you not answer when I called?”

They opened their mouths to begin the story and within the next moments, Hamartia watched in amazement as everything changed.

‘Iysh was sentenced to a life where work would not come as easily as it had been in the Gan.

Ishshah was sentenced to a pain whenever she gave birth to children.

And the sentence on the nachash seemed brutal. The nachash would spend eternity crawling on its stomach and there would always be strife between the nachash and people.

The last message was hard for Hamartia to hear. ‘Iysh and Ishshah were told they could no longer live in the Gan. They were sent into what existed outside of the Gan; the beauty and the peace of the place were lost to them.

Yehovah Eloyhim spoke to them with a tenderness Hamartia had never heard him use. He said, “I love you but you have brought the opposite of love into the world. The life I breathed into all peoples will be replaced by death.”

‘Iysh and Ishshah held each other tightly as additional instructions were given to them, and Yehovah Eloyhim replaced their apron of leaves with cloaks of animal fur. They wept as they walked to the entrance of the Gan and passed through into the world outside. The scene broke Hamartia’s heart and its body shook as the couple’s feet touched the dust and dirt of the land outside.

Yehovah Eloyhim watched until they disappeared then turned to Hamartia. Hamartia knew it had to leave the Gan as well. As it walked to the Gan’s entrance, it knew that in this change nothing was good. It was all evil. And the knowledge between good and evil was not the best knowledge to hold. And it would change what was outside the Gan.

As Hamartia’s feet touched the dust and dirt, it walked away without turning to look back at the Gan or the Ats Da’ath Towb Ra.