They’re rich…they’re famous…not them

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What image comes to mind when you hear someone describe another person as “broken”?

For some images of homeless people living on the streets may prevail. For others, images of people decimated by drug or some other addition. And even yet, another group may picture folks incapacitated by depression or another form of mental illness.

Broken, or hurt, people come from all backgrounds. Brokenness doesn’t care about economic status, racial or ethic origin, education, or sex. Some of most famous people from celebrities to political figures, are broken. You’ve seen some of them in media, and if you knew the true depth of their brokenness, you might be shocked.

Being hurt by someone and having that hurt define you to a point of internal unrest has no preferences. Anyone can be impacted.

And anyone who has been broken has an opportunity to be healed.

Many times the brokenness in a person can be traced back to a childhood experience. But what happened to us as children doesn’t have to define us as adults.

As the holiday season approaches, you may see reflections of brokenness in people. You may see it in yourself. From family members to co-workers to friends and acquaintances, this is an important time of the year to give the gift of healing. Kind words and acts can go a long way for someone.

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