Where Did The Hole Come From?

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Your first responses may include questions like “What hole?” and “What is she talking about?”

The best way to explain it is to look at our history as human beings.

Genesis 2:7 shows when God created Adam, he breathed his own breath into Adam’s lungs. He gave us a starter breath, but I also believe God gave a bit of himself. I like to think it’s what Ecclesiastes 3 verse 11 calls the eternity in our hearts. I think of this “eternity” as a desire for the unknown. A sense of divine purpose. A sense of completeness.

But then the Garden Tragedy happened. The first act of disobedience to The Lord, our Maker, created an explosion within the human race. It not only caused a split in our relationship with him, it put an emptiness in us—what I like to call a hole.

Everyone has the hole. It crosses economic, social, and racial borders. It is not limited by age. Young and old humans have the hole.

Without knowing they do it, each human spends their lifetime trying to fill that hole.

We use various solutions.

What have you seen people do to fill, patch, or repair the hole?