They’re rich…they’re famous…not them

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What image comes to mind when you hear someone describe another person as “broken”? For some images of homeless people living on the streets may prevail. For others, images of people decimated by drug or some other addition. And even yet, another group may picture folks incapacitated by depression or another form of mental illness. Broken, or hurt, people come from all backgrounds. Brokenness … Read More

What are people saying about Released – In Search of a King?

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I want to share a book with you. “Released: In Search of a King” is a novel written by my good friend, Andrea Gadson. This is a powerful book about a dark subject…childhood sexual abuse. It’s a fictional story written from a personal perspective. A book about healing and forgiveness that you will start reading and not want to put … Read More

I hear what some of you are saying. You’re right.

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You’re wondering why I’ve written a novel and not said much about it. I’m wondering the same thing as well. The only answer I can come up with (and it’s not a good one) is life. But I’ve learned life is about priority. Often we find ourselves prioritizing the priorities. This first book project is important to me, which simply … Read More