Write My Own Letter:
Opening Up to Personal Healing

Bring the author to your organization to share her story. Using her own story, Andrea demonstrates how the workbook can be used to begin a path to healing.

A public setting is not a time when someone may want to expose a childhood experience with sexual abuse. The author is sensitive to this. She presents in a style which allows the listener to see their story or the story of another in her story. She then provides tools and resources to which the listener can respond in their own private and personal setting.

The main goals of this speaking opportunity are to:

  • Provide an example of survivorship against the devastating life event of sexual molestation
  • Guide people to begin a path back to a proper place in life

Killing My Baby:
Tips to Revising and Editing Your Own Work

"Released - In Search of a King" almost did not happen. It sat in the author’s computer folder for for over three years before she scraped off the electronic dust and gave it life. She credits its renewal to prayer and the relationships God brought into her life for transforming the book into a project for the purpose of changing lives.

One of the biggest hurdles she had to overcome was editing and revising her work. These writing process steps often stopped her in tracks. Fear of negative feedback from others, and sometimes laziness, made her open the file and immediately close it again.

This workshop helps anyone learn how to tackle anything they have to edit without feeling like it’s a daunting task or living in fear of executing it. It will help build confidence and overcome the challenges with completing your work.