As a child, the most important man to Mimi Combs is her father, Joe Combs. He is like a king to her, and she loves him very much. But in a quiet moment, when a young girl believes she can comfort a grown man with a simple and innocent love letter, the king becomes a monster.

Initially, Mimi doesn't know she's supposed to be afraid of him. She does her best to accommodate her father. The load is more than a young girl should have to bear. Until one day...something happens to change the course of life for Mimi, her father, and her entire family.

As the girl becomes a woman, she begins a search for a king to love her. It is a journey filled with obstacles and detours. Can she navigate the road to recovery or is she bound for destruction? Will she find a true king to love the little princess again or will she hit a dead end?

On the path, Mimi discovers being broken is easy. It's healing that will take work!

Released - In Search of a King

Fiction | Novel

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Released - The Workbook

Non-Fiction | Workbook | Self Help

Begin the healing process with the companion workbook to the acclaimed novel "Released - In Search of a King".


Fiction | Young Adult | Adult

Can your life really make a difference at 15? This is Jubaly's question in a time and place where there is no hope.

The Good Man

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Everywhere the Good Man turns there's an opportunity to be a bad man. But this is all too real for one good man.


Non-Fiction | Christian

Is God as complicated as we sometimes make Him? Is there a way we can focus on getting back to the basics of God?

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